Why choose Habital®

Habital® is there to help organisations improve the work life of employees and to help them flourish.

Habital® provides the platform to connect management & employees while giving them insights to be better, at a pace that’s right for them.

The World of Work

The need to find meaning in life and have a sense of achievement is also important and unique. We need to see that everyone is different and has needs that should be fulfilled to allow them to flourish.

Organisations can influence their employees’ work life balance in a positive way. A way of doing this is to improve the employee experience. The changing nature of work means that organisations need a finger on the pulse of what affects employees’ well-being.

There are many internal and external factors that influence how we are able to work effectively, including work processes and work environments, and their relationships impact our daily lives. The Habital® app understands the relationship between People, Work Environment, Work Processes, and Organisational elements. Having a vision of these relationships gives us an insight into how we can make changes to improve, essential for both the individual and the organisation.

What does Habital® deliver?

The insights from the research are provided via an online portal. The graphs are updated daily, giving real-time insight into the organisation. These insights provide the opportunity to improve the work life for the employees within the organisation.

Find your Worklife Experience Index

The WEI gives you a clear idea of the overall satisfaction of your employees with all the elements influencing their wellbeing and in the end, their performance. You will find more details about which areas are doing well and where you should target interventions.

Support employees at any location

You can monitor the ergonomic settings used by your employees both remotely and at the office; and assess the improvements needed to help them be their best working selves.

Monitor employee engagement and wellbeing

Understand your employees’ commitment to the research and their wellbeing through MEE time at the end of the day.

How does it work?


Habital® focuses on the employees engagement with the organisation, through work processes and environment.


The duration of the research can be 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months, depending on your organisational needs.


Activity Based Continuum (ABCs) and Measurement of Employee Engagement (MEEs) provide data on daily working habits.


The user gets one request per day to fill out a sampling, less time than it takes to get a coffee.

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